Thousdand of people in Asia and Latin America are using Tauchlor Cream, to successfully BEAT CANCER!
So why can't YOU get 'hold of any?

It's a question you have every right to ask. But most people already know the answer - BigMedicine and the FDA have a stranglehold on what you are allowed to have, or even know about.

It's driving those with enough money overseas to get life saving procedures that they can't get here. Everybody else, average working Americans are pretty much stuck - and it's not fair!

Tauchlor Cream, is amazing, with an astonishing track record of success.
Licensed to the Tao-More family of products (Tao More is a subsidiary of Asia Pacific Business Logistics, LLC), it has impacted the lives of people suffering from cancer (whether used alone or in combination with other traditional treatments/surgeries) in Sri Lanka, India, and other South East Asian countries.

Don't Believe it could Help You?
You have every right to be sceptical.
But here's testimony from someone who lives in the United States.

About three years ago, a gentleman contacted the original Tauchlor development team because his brother, who was dying from bladder cancer that had already spread to other organs in his body, had been sent home to die. The hospital had washed their hands of him.

He used the Tauchlor Cream, followed his doctor's instructions, and now, three+ years later he and his brother are just fine! He told us that is brother left the doctors scratching their heads, wondering why his latest PET scan showed NO SIGNS of CANCER anywhere in his body!

Others have found that it helps to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE PAIN! Appetites came back and people reported feeling better - able to face their cancer treatments again. A feeling of wellbeing is absolutely essential & critical to recovery.*

Tauchlor Cream is gentle and easy to use.

No pills No needles.

Just rub the cream in, and the essential elements (a proprietary formula made with amino acids already in your body) get absorbed through your skin.

It's literally that easy to shine a light on your cancer, and strip away the cancer's defenses - allowing your body to fight it naturally!

If you want to try Tauchlor and see what it can do for you, we are now able to send jars of this amazing product right to your door. Created with the same formula developed in the 1980s and kept secret for years - so bigPharm wouldn't strangle it out of existance, now available in a cream formula for transdermal absorption.

Made in small batches to the exacting standards of the original developer, Tauchlor Cream can be discreetly ship to your address (within the US). We are having issues with customs in some countries, so for now, we are only shipping to US addresses. (There is a way around this problem, see below **)



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In many cases, people find that Tauchlor works so well for them, they want to order larger quantities, or have an automatic subscription sent to them on a monthly basis. We can help with this - just send an email to:
so we can help you with the appropriate arrangements.

*Tauchlor Cream, and Tao-More products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products or information offered on this website are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or illness. Always check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting this or any other therapy or protocol.
Everybody is different, so individual experiences may vary.
If you find that Tauchlor/Tao-More products cause any discomfort or irritation, or if you experience an allergic reaction - stop using the product and seek immediate medical attention.

** If you wish to obtain this product, but live outside the US, you can open a mailbox-forwarding account, have your parcel shipped there, then the good folks at the mail-forwarding company you choose will follow your instructions and ship your parcels to the address you specify. There are a lot of choices - just search for 'mail box services', or 'mail forwarding services'.,