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Protect Yourself and Those You Love

What YOU Need to Know:

Covid-19 is Not Gone

It may look like it's slowing down in some places but it's flaring up in others. The maps change every day. New information shows that Covid-19 infections are RISING in 1/2 the Country!

Face Masks are still REQUIRED

Many places have extended the Stay-At-Home orders.  Los Angeles just extended their orders for another 3-months. This means Mandatory Mask Requirements are in still place if you ride public transportation, fly on any US airline, or go into public areas.


Spike in Cases

Places opening-up and relaxing stay-at-home orders are having a SPIKE in Covid-19 Cases:

California is UP 17%

Arizona is UP 60%

Iowa is UP 67%

Rural Areas - UP 1000%

What Does This Mean FOR YOU?

It means you can still get infected with Covid-19.

People with NO SYMPTOMS are out there right now, and They CAN INFECT YOU!   

Total US Cases (so far)  1,390,764

18,106 New Cases (in the last 24 hrs)


Protect your family by Protecting Yourself

Studies show that Covid-19 can be in the air you breathe, and live on surfaces for more than a week! If you touch a surface, then touch your face, you could be bringing Covid-19 home to your family, especially those at risk, such as people over 60, and those with underlying health conditions. WEAR A MASK - it's the greatest gift you can give your loved ones.


The Virus is Killing People

Last month, they predicted 60,000 deaths

Now, they're predicting 147,000 deaths

Look at this graph, does it look like it's going down?


No Cure Yet

Some medicines have helped, but so far nothing cures the virus. We all need to follow the CDC guidelines, wash out hands often, practice social distancing, and WEAR A MASK

No Vaccine

Best case, it's going to take months before we see a vaccine for the public.  They're working on it, but development takes time.

No Immunity

Nobody is immune. Even if you've had Covid-19 and recovered, the experts say you could get infected again. The illness is too new for us to develop what's called  'herd immunity'.

... and Kids are Suddenly Getting Sick

Children from toddlers to teens are being rushed to the hospital 5-6 weeks after recovering from Covid-19. It's killed 5 kids so far. Experts are at a loss! They don't know why - they're seeing all this for the first time - just like us.


When to Use your Face Mask:

Whenever Social Distancing is Not Possible

The Curve is Flattening - What that means to YOU:

If everybody does their part, we get the blue curve.

The hospitals don't get swamped but the OUTBREAK WILL LAST MUCH LONGER

So, be ready! Keep masks available - 'cause we're going to be stomping out this virus for a while yet....



You need at least 3 masks - one to wear, one to wash, and one for a spare. That's why we offer a 3-Pack!  

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